Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My wardrobe in bloom!

This is me in the car on easter eve/holy saturday. We were going to my parents place to eat a traditional swedish easter dinner. The jacket is my mother-in-law's from the seventies (see also in an earlier post), the scarf is from Atlas design (also seen in an earlier post), what I really wanted to show you are these cute earrings! I got them maybe six years ago at a thrift store in Umeå. They are made from plastic with a metal clip. They have been hibernating in my closet all winter. But I think easter is the start of spring season. (I don't care what the weather tells me.)
And spring means flowers!

Here are some more florals from my wardrobe!

My blooming sneakers bought at swedish KappAhl a few years ago.

This has been a well used piece. Even through my pregnancies. At the beach and for dressing up. It's from Indiska.

My mom bought this and then didn't feel comfortable in it. I do!

This is from Jackpot. It has been in my closet for more than eight years.

This is a thrift store find made by Muriel Céalac.

This I bought a few years ago at a store in Örebro.

This strapless dress was a gift from my parents.

I fell instantly in love with this bag. Even though my husband would gladly tell you that another bag is the last thing I need. It is a Tommy Hilfiger.

And then some flowers from my home!

My grandmother's parfume bottle.

This used to be my mother's.

My nightstand. I am OBSESSED with magazines! And YES that is a working phone.

Old school recycling! My grandmother had one of these in a kitchen cabinet. It says: Paper, bags (as in paper and plastic), cork and string. She saved all gift wrappings and bags she bought groceries in and used the again.

And my calender for 2010. Isn't it pretty?!


  1. Wow,I love floral sneakers!
    and your calender is fabulous,too.

  2. Yep, I love those shoes. I am on the look out for some more fab floral shoes. I wear a lot of black and they really lift an outfit. Thanks for commenting!

  3. så mycket fint!
    jag har länkat till dig på min blogg nu!