Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Pursuit of Happyness

So, maybe everything doesn't have to be so damn perfect all the time and maybe I don't have to please everybody. Maybe everybody doesn't have to think I'm fantastic. And I KNOW I misspelled the word happiness and you know what, I happen to be referring to the movie. How about that, suddenly it is not a misspelling but ARTISTIC FREEDOM. Niiiiceee......

It is funny how you sometimes think that you need to be perfect. Look at everybody around you! Do you admire them for their perfection? Usually it's the imperfections that I find intriguing about somebody.

And yes, I know that I have been a terrible blogger. You know why? Because I spent some time reconstructing my life. It is strange how disease can make you reevalute your life. I put my whole life on stand by. At first because I didn't have a choice. My body made the choices for me. But as I slowly got better I decided to also start slowly. I rebuilt bit by bit, carefully judging each bits value and importance before putting it back. Or choosing not to put it back.

I have now come to a point where I feel I also want to put the blog back. Fashion never left me. I have been reading every fashion magazine I could get my hands on, checked every fashion show and kept the shopping pace steady. My husband says it is an addiction. I would rather use the word passion.

And now it is my favorite season. AUTUMN/FALL. I like it because:

1. You don't need a beach body.
2. Nobody will nag you for staying in all night reading a thick fantasy novel, watching old episodes of Mythbusters or just flipping through a great magazine.
3. I have GIANT teacups which are perfect for hours of conversations with a good friend.
4. The colours are beautiful.
5. The food is good.
6. Halloween. 
7. It has a melancholic streak which is SO beautiful.

And I would love to wear this:

Chris Benz RTW A/W 2011

Alexis Mabille RTW A/W 2011

Chanel RTW A/W 2011

A Détacher RTW A/W 2011

I really don't have the budget for any of these clothes, but inspiration costs nothing!

So here are some of the things I have added to my closet:

Three pairs of shoes from Forever 21.

And this cute vintage dress.

Monday, May 16, 2011

I hope I win 40 pairs of shoes!

This is a swedish contest, so if you live in Sweden go to:  and you can also compete for 40 pairs of shoes!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Most Dangerous Place on Earth?

Sorry about the non-existing promised photos. We fell ill again.... Nothing serious this time though. So I am not camera ready yet. But my mind is still sharp. So I thought I would invite you in to share some of my thoughts! And I am so happy to see that some of you still remember me!

The Most Dangerous Place on Earth?

Today when you need information what do you do? You Google it. So did I, and according to the all-knowing Google the most dangerous place seems to be a place plagued by war or violence and crime. I guess that's one way of looking at it....

But if by dangerous we mean a place that cannot be even seen by anyone, a place so dangerous it has to be hidden and sometimes even pretended not to exist at all. Now THAT is a truly dangerous place. So where is it? News networks are sending war, crime and violence right into our homes every day. But what place is so dangerous it would do harm even on a TV screen? Is there such a place?

I believe there is. It is the body of a curvaceous grown woman. It has been feared for centuries. Hidden away. Suppressed. There has been countless myths surrounding a cuvaceous female body. Fertility, frivolity, absence of intelligence and shallowness to name a few. A body like Kate Moss's seem to be able to get away with a lot more when it comes to showing some flesh and wearing body hugging outfits. But Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian or JLo, pour them into something skintight and bellybaring and you can count on a storm in media. Maybe that is why most runway models are waifs. Designer clothes are often daring and this season even see through. Small, barely there breasts doesn't seem to make anyone choke on their latte these days (at least not in Europe). But what if Christina Hendricks where to strut her stuff in the same ensemble?

The porn industry has embraces the curvaceous woman and even seem to encourage getting there artificially if you weren't born that way. I think this only adds to the image of the dangerous body. Why is the body of the man not as dangerous? The last time the world heard about a dangerous male body might be Elvis, and unfortunately The King has left the building permanently. Today I cannot think of one male body considered a danger to society....

If you are a skinny woman with not many curves you are more likely to be seen as serious, intelligent, disciplined and trust worthy. Just look at the power women of the world! How many of them are curvaceous? And if one of them happen to be, you can be sure she tries to play it down with manlike suits and very little make up. (Or she is probably not a very successful politician....) To get back to The King the curvaceous woman is The Devil in Disguise. And her body is the most dangerous place on earth.

The Most Dangerous Place on Earth?

So of course these are my personal opinions and thoughts, and they are absolutely subjective as it is written by a curvaceous, professional, fashion interested and serious woman. Please beautiful women of all shapes and sizes share your perspective on this issue!

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Girl is Back in Town!

Hi, finally I am back! No I haven't moved, so really the title is a lie. I still live in the country side... :) But it is ages since my last entry and lots has happened. (Which is also partly the reason why it's been so long...)

So here's some of the stuff that's happened:

Christmas has passed, it's a new year (Happy New One to all of you!!!),

My son at last managed to break my beloved silver Gucci frames prompting me to buy new glasses (gold MaxMara),

The new job is great! unfortunately I've been having a fever, nausea and vertigo for the last two months, so for a month now I've been on sick leave and having doctors poking everywhere and taking my blood countless times. BORING!!!,

My kids have since christmas collected probably every virus that frequents daycares,

We bought a new camera, so look forward to more and BETTER pictures!

Of course it has not all been work, germs and disease. I need some style!!! I will not torture you with a picture of me now as I look quite dreadful after months of fever and my everyday uniform is my wonderful Paul Frank PJ that I got for my birthday. Not very inspiring. I am preparing for better days though, and warmer, summer!!! This winter has been long and cold and still not over. We've had temperatures down to 40 degrees celsius below zero! (About minus 104 fahrenheit)  Brr!

But as usual I continue to hope and dream! So my closet has been growing this winter, first filling up with some work essentials: some cute dresses, leather boots, patterned tights, cardigans, black jeans and some basic tops. But lately the summer has been creeping in. I know I won't be wearing these for at least two to three months, but I couldnt resist...

From H&M

And having spent a lot of time in bed and on the couch Vogue, In Style, Elle and Harper's Bazaar only lasted so long... To my great joy I found the best style guide ever!!!!!!

Written by Amanda Brooks who was just appointed Fashion Director at Barneys. She is a woman who has lived a life of fashion and this book is just the best guide to find your own style. So many books and magazines just teach you a formula that might not be YOU, but this book aims at giving you the tools to find your own style. And it has lots and lots and lots of gorgeous and inspiring pictures! Amanda blogs at Barneys Homepage here!

Now I just hope that I will soon be back at work and I will try to shape up so I can show off some of my new purchases (and gifts! Got a great silk dress from hubby and kids for christmas.) to you!