Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Muses - an inspiring lesson in mythology, history and fashion

Muse is an ancient greek mythological creature. They were in some myths said to be (some of the many) daughters of Zeus, the King of the Gods. Some myths refer to them as three, but traditionally they are considered to be nine. The muses inspired mankind in writing, art, music, history, astronomy, dance and theatre. Each muse had her "area". Today we sometimes refer to a person, mostly a woman, as a "muse". Many famous artists, filmmakers, photographers, musicians and fashion designers have their own muse.

Today I have choosen some muses that inspire me right now. In some cases it is their over all style, in some just a specific look.


I love this shot of Catherine Deneuve. It is so classic, timeless and beautiful.

Tutus and a Look Back

I love tutus! Well anything featuring tulle will do. And I love vintage and classic looks.

Marilyn. Is'nt she just one of the quintessential muses? Her whole presence is awe inspiring.

So, you see. The tutu was nothing new discovered by Patricia Field. Carrie inspires me so much and Sarah Jessica Parker too. I find it harder and harder stylewise to draw a line between the two.

And here is Marilyn - oh, no I'm sorry it's Madonna. Can a woman change her style more times during a life time? I don't think so. The woman's got guts! And apparentely some knowledge of fashion and history.

Haute Hippies and Angels

Heart, you know the one's with "Barracuda". The Looking Glass Vintage had that song playing on her blog. That song just makes me think of Lucy Liu in her tight leather suit in Charlie's Angels 2. Anyway, I love this cover. I want their hair and I want their outfits! And the gypsy inspired backround is amazing!

Rule Breakers

Sometimes you need someone to shake things up a bit. Trust Lady Gaga to do it. She will make you question your every opinion on fashion.

And perhaps one of Gaga's inspirations. The grand lady of hats Isabella Blow. When she was a style editor at british magazine Tatler she discovered and pushed one of the world's greatest milliners Philip Treacy. She is a huge style icon and inspiration to the fashion world.

Let's Paint the Town Red!

And now some beautiful and inspirational redheads! Because I'm a redhead too, pale and freckled.

One of my constant muses, Karen Elson. 

She has just released her debut album. What do you think of this?

Lily Cole. Model and also an actress, she made a good job in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.

The original screen siren redhead Ritha Hayworth.

Do you have a muse? Who?


  1. No one as classic as Rita Hayworth! I just LOVE the oldtime movies ... good choices!

  2. I love the pics you chose of Marilyn and Madonna, they are my muses too, I think that everything about Merilyn just shouts glamor, and what is amazing about Madonna that she always reinvents herself, and always fresh and new!
    Love the editorial! great job!
    kisses, Julia

  3. love the classics!
    you might like my new post of videos from LV and Dior for inspiration!


  4. Oh,you've changed the banner,I like the new one a lot.I can't come up with any names when I think about people who inspire me.I believe everything that I like inspires me subcounciosly.But there is one person that I consider my muse.A couple of years ago I've seen a picture of Olivia Lufkin (a Japanese singer) and all of a sudden I've changed my style.I let my hair grow and became more feminine.I like your picks,especially Karen Elson she is gorgeous and has amazing voice

  5. Thanks for the mention and link. You are so sweet!(Smile)

    My inspirations change daily... Classically Audrey Hepburn, with a touch of Betty Paige.

  6. OH, I liked all your muses and agreed they are fantastic but for Lady Gaga. She's more like gag-gag to each his own. My muses are the always classic and elegant looking Katharine Hepburn, Lauren Bacall in the '40s, Myrna Loy, Vivian Leigh's looks in GWTW, and Grace Kelly in
    It Takes a Thief.'

  7. lady gaga is just superrrbbb !
    i love her songs very much !!

  8. These ladies are so inspiring and beautiful! I love all of them! xoxoxoxo

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  10. great post!
    if i had to choose a muse, i'd go for all fashion bloggers in the world LOL

    btw, mind link/follow each other blog?
    let me know ;)

    Castor Pollux

  11. What a lovely blog you have here! :) And love the post!

  12. gorgeous picts!! <3
    thanks for your comment
    check out my latest post ya


  13. yes the picture of catherine is very classic and glamorous! she is so beautiful!

  14. gorgeous pics, thanks for sharing :D

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  16. ok let try this again!

    oooh pretty photos tati!!