Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cold Weather and Creativity

Yesterday I cleaned up in my "creative corner".

My mother's aunt got this desk probably around the 1930's from a family she was working for.

In my little creative corner I have trinkets, treasures, ribbons, scrapmaterial, inspiration, books, magazines, pearls, wool, thread, glue, paint, pretty papers, tools, scissors, pencils and a lot, lot more!

And when I get a moment by my desk, this might be the result.

A bit of decoupage,


or some jewellry.

Today we went to pick up a dear friend at the airport and have lunch at our favorite Chinese restaurant. It has been a cold and windy day, but with the evening came the sun. I really hope we will enjoy real summer temperatures soon!

Jeans and necklace Forever 21, Cardigan Gina Tricot, Tank American Eagle, Earrings was a gift from mom and dad (one is  black and one blue and they are REAL pencils!) and the shoes are thrifted.

And I got this cute award from the lovely Silver Strands! Check out her inspiring and empowering blog!

This really is an honor! So I will share ten things that make me happy.

1. My family!
2. Sharing laughter and tears with real friends
3. Great food
4. A sunset at the beach
5. Being creative
6. A feel good movie with some popcorn
7. Laying on the sofa reading a fashion magazine
8. Watching things grow in my garden
9. Finding the perfect item at the thrift store
10. Watching my kids learn

Here are the two bloggers I would like to pass this award on to!

The Looking Glass Vintage
Hey Gorgeous

These are two fabulous women whose blog posts are always lovely and inspiring! Check them out!


  1. You seemed to have neat little treasures at your home!! I love your earrings by the way! xoxoxoxo

  2. So glad I sent the award to you because I love what you listed! And I totally LOVE seeing into people's stashes of "stuff" :)

  3. Oh, Thank you for the award that is so sweet.. will post soon. I love your creative corner.:0

  4. Lovely photographs.


  5. You are so sweet to tag me here lady!! But only like 2 of all of your pictures showed up for me :( pooey! I hope they aren't broken; it;s probably just my computer!! haha ughhh hugs to you! xo

  6. that desk probably has so much history to it..such a classic <3<3<3

    eclectic du jour

  7. That desk really is gorgeous, so vintage. Your creative corner looks great and your work is truly inspiring. Maybe I will try to make my own jewellry too. Congratulations for the blog award, you totally deserve it