Friday, June 11, 2010

The Cat in the Hat

I finally got around to pick up that package! And it was my hat!

It is so comfortable and airy, the perfect summer hat! And look at the cute bug print inside!

Hat H&M, Tunic Forever 21, Tank Aeropostale, Jean Leggins H&M, Flip-Flops H&M and necklace by me (silverplated chains and Swarovskis.

Yesterday we celebrated that our daughter graduated from kindergarthen. She will be attending preschool this fall.

I made pancake cake. Then we played outside all afternoon.

When my husband came home from work we had a picknick in the backyard. We ate pasta salad with apple, ham, scallions, squash and apple cider vinegar and honey dressing and egg sandwiches. We played some more outside and our daughter got to go on a treasure hunt. In one of our trees, which I had adorned with balloons, she found a bag filled with a watergun, soap bubbles and two books. When evening fell we put little brother to bed.

Then we sat down by the fireplace, ate some S'mores and read one of the books. When the wind picked up we went inside, ate popcorn and chocolate cake and watched Alvin and the Chipmunks.

It was a perfect day!

Even our crabapple tree was celebrating!


  1. Omg. That hat is utter awesomeness. You look fantastic in it! :) And I love your necklace too.

  2. Vilken snygg hatt och du passar så bra i den!
    ha en skön helg!

  3. Love the hat ... but that pancake cake?!!! YUM.

  4. Nice blog :) Love your pictures !
    The hat is fantastic

  5. i love your hat very much !
    nice blog !

    hope you've had a great weekend !
    thanks for the sweet comments :)

  6. This is exactly how I want to spend my life when I have a family! I kept looking at your looks so delicious! xoxoxoxoo

  7. heyy thanks for your comment :)
    i love your new header and the shoes in it!!
    nice hat and picts
    check out my latest post


  8. Sounds like a lovely lovely day if you ask me! The hat is adorable and I too, love the little pattern inside! and a pancake cake?! I want one now :) Enjoy your week friend :) XO

  9. That hat looks very good on you.I am glad you had a great time celebrating your daughter's graduation and that cake looks delicious.

  10. i love love love your hat! and the cake looks delicious. i truly feel kind of hungry now. :D