Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Major Bookworm and a Whole Lotta Lovely!

♥ My little boy's room  ♥

The framed angel was a gift from my parents on his namegiving/blessing day and the hamster is from my mom's childhood. She got it as a gift from a German boy they had living at their house during the summers. A lot of German kids spent their summers in Sweden in the decades following World War Two. The shells I have picked on various vacations.

The porcelain dog comes from my mother's family, I really don't know who used to own it. I loooooove these books! "Guess How Much I Love You" The drawings are so pretty and the stories are so lovable. These four are themed after the seasons. Cute!

My kids play a lot with these Duplos. And of course more books!

♥ My daughter's room. ♥

She also got an angel on her namegiving/blessing day, but she got it from our lovely neighbours.

This plate is from my childhood. My grandfather worked at one of Sweden's finest porcelain factories, I have a lot of pretty porcelain!

My daughter's bookshelf, she loves books!

♥ My books ♥

See what my husband made for me!

When we moved into this house four and a half year ago, I gave away a LOT of books. But still I have quite a few left. My husband made me a wall of books! It is like my mini library. It sits in our study/crafts room. Actually I gave away so much, now I have room for some new ones!

That picture of me and hubby kissing was taken atop of the Empire State Building, even though some think it looks like we are in prison. The picture behind it is four generations, the baby is me, then it's my mom, my grandma and my great grandma.

And one of my favourite books!

It is called Hattliv (Hatlife). Ylva Elzén has taken pictures of elderly women in Stockholm wearing hats and interviewed them about their lives. Lovely!

My four year old daughter loves this book too. She will go get it and say, "Mommy, can you please read to me about one of the ladies?"

Today I am wearing my "brave" skirt. It is a lot deeper orange than these pictures show. I cannot get my little camera to capture the colour. It is really bright!

I am not wearing it because I am brave today, but because I need to be! Keep your fingers crossed for me and send a little prayer!

Skirt was a gift from mom, random cutoff tights, tank Tommy Hilfiger, cardigan H&M kids, necklace KappAhl.

(also, I just have to brag a little more about the hubby, can you believe he built that bed behind me!?)


  1. a real cute bandage skirt!! wish I can see the real color

  2. everything is simply adorable!@ love it

  3. Wow - major bookworm indeed! Love the kids' rooms and also your captions. Oh - the outfit is a winner too! Have a great day :)


  4. Perfect!! Really lovely!!
    I'm a major bookworm too-heh!
    Gorgeous blog :)

    Cheers, Jesa

  5. Thank you so much for you lovely comment! You are so sweet! That gorgeous skirt in the last couple pics is incredible... the colour is perfect!


  6. Lovely pics!!!
    and I adore your skirt.
    Esp the color is great!


  7. the pictures are too cute! and your skirt as well

  8. I wish I have your daughter's room when I was little!! So pretty and it's so cool that she loves books!! I love your skirt too! The color looks so amazing! xoxoxoxoo

  9. Love the skirt and wow,you husband is very talented.The bookshelves and the bed are great.Oh,of course I will keep my fingers crossed for you.