Friday, September 17, 2010

Why don't you....

Last week I bought British edition of Harper's Bazaar September. A wonderful issue, lots of fashion, inspiration and lovely stories. On the last page there was the "Why don't you?" by Victoria Beckham. Back in the jazz era this column used to be written by Diana Vreeland. I must say Mrs Beckham's suggestions are nowhere near as surreal as Mrs Vreeland's!

But still I thought maybe I should offer you an even more down to earth and affodable version of the "Why don't you...?".

Why don't you...? around in the men's department (or the kid's). Autumn 2010 is filled with clothes inspired from the guy's closets. But still I had trouble finding some things. Like that perfectly oversized wool sweater to drown in on an autumn night. The one's in the women's department where either too short or had narrow sleeves. Voilà, found this one in the men's department at H&M.

And this perfect cap I found in the sales bin in the boy's departement.

If you are rather small feeted like myself you can also find great deals at kid's shoe departments. If you are petite you might even find dresses or shirts in kid's sizes that fit you.

...borrow coffee table books from the library. Because frankly, they are quite expensive and it's fun to switch reading material sometimes. Our library has a beautiful selection of books on fashion, art, architecture, photo, food and travel.
Like this seventies book on fashion photograpy's history featuring this photo by George Platt Lynes.

...wear socks in your heels. I was not a fan of this idea at first. It reminded me of preschool girls and I could not see myself in it. But one of the fashion spreads in Harper's Bazaar changed my mind.

Have a great weekend ladies!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Autumn is upon us

So, long time no read.I haven't been blogging for a while. Autumn is a busy time.
It is time to harvest what the garden and the forest has given us,

time to turn that harvest into jam, marmalades, bread, muffins, pies,

marmalades from left: peach with menthe, plum with cinnamon and black currant

time to pick also the non-edibles from the woods and make decorations,

time to sew curtains for the kitchen from grandmother's old hand-embroidered sheets that I coloured grey,

time to pick up some "new" reads from the thrift store for those long autumn eves,

time to raid the after-summer-sales and thrift store for some new loves

like this thrifted dress and tights bought at sale that goes perfectly with some of my old loves

my grandmother's brooch

and these gorgeous vintage leather shoes

and then, the love you thought lost because of a price too high suddenly appears on the sale rack for a fifth of the price! Thank heaven and all the angels! The dream dress now resides in my closet. Til it falls apart. ♥

Autumn is also the time for a new season and I will soon be back with some of my favorites from the runway!