Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Let's go biking!

Ok, so the reality check didn't last for that long. I'm back to dreaming!

Let's go for a bike ride!

So, this is kind of an experiment for me. I just started using Polyvore, thank you Betty Darling! And how fun is it? Well, it will steal a great deal of my easter, and probably the rest of the year too.....

I am just working on how to get a direct link from the picture to my page on Polyvore. So far.... no success..... The romper and the hat is from Forever 21, the wedges are from Piperlime and the earrings from

Outdoor wardrobe staples!

Well, I DREAM of summer. But maybe I should get back to reality for a while....... It is still very much winter where I live. Very much..... So while I dream of summer dresses, oxfords, ballet flats, shorts and bathing suits. That is not what I am wearing. This is what I am wearing.

My trusty, toasty Shepherd boots that once had the colour honey, nowadays they are more greyish...

My green boots from Lacoste.

My wonderfully soft, huge (!) scarf from Atlas Design. It has a beautiful paisley pattern that doesn't really come out in this picture.

This hat that my mum knitted.

Here's an outfit I have found myself in often lately. The cloche hat I bought years ago when I was a student. The scarf is made by a women's project in Kenya, it was a gift from a friend that grew up in Nairobi. The leather jacket is my mother in law's that she bought in the seventies.

I think I am gonna have to ask my man to take some pictures.... It is hard taking pictures of yourself. My arm is only so long!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Getting ready for easter!

I am busy preparing for easter. Here's some of the stuff I've been doing:

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Great 4th of July outfit!

I am still dreaming of summer! This is what it looks like outside my window.

I took these pictures last Sunday in our backyard. Still winter, but early bird..... Well you know the rest! I love the colours of the American flag. They are also nice colours to wear and on 4th of July you can really dive into the colour scheme. Here's what I would looove to wear when I watch the parade and the fireworks.

A headpiece instantly lifts your outfit!
Cara Accessories "Unforgettable" Rose Headband in blue, Nordstrom

Parade earrings!
Patriot Loop Earrings, Forever 21

Be moviestar mysterious!
F5048 Sunglasses, Forever 21

Cute, classic and crisp!
Akris Punto belted sleeveless dress, Saks Fifth Avenue

Patriotic bag from an iconic American designer!
Kate Spade Belvedere Joisan convertible hobo, Nordstrom

And some Dorothy shoes. Red shoes ARE magic!
Miu Miu Patentleather Espadrille Sandals, Net-A-Porter

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Great music from Martina Lundberg!

You need to check this out!

The pride of the village and second cousin of my husband has released her debut album. We were at the release party and now the cd is constantly playing in my kitchen.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Best of the Oscars!

Let me know your favorites this year! Here are all the dresses I loooooved!

I really like that prints are becoming more common in evening wear. Maggie Gyllenhaal in Dries van Noten.

Another lovely print. The draping in this dress is so dreamy! Rachel McAdams in Elie Saab Haute Couture.

Ruffles, ruffles, ruffles! Demi Moore in Atelier Versace.

Nudes are HUGE this season!
Both Demi and Anna Kendrick, in Elie Saab Haute Couture, opted for the nude trend.

Helen Mirren, in Badgley Mischka, is always stunning!

Diane Kruger, in Chanel Haute Couture, is becoming quite the trend setter. This dress is so special and still it takes up several of springs major trends, nudes, colour blocking, ruffles and draping.

Carey Mulligan, in Prada, is always interesting but never screaming LOOK AT ME! But we ARE looking!

Zoe Saldana, in Givenchy Haute Couture, gave people something to talk about. This dress was loved and hated. I love it! And even if you don't you should thank the heavens that there are still women who dare give us something to talk about!

All the pictures above are from

These women were for some reason or another note featured on But I loooove their dresses!

Georgina Chapman in her own design. This has also been a conversation piece online. Some people apparently thinks it is over the top. Well, hallo!!! This is the OSCARS! If you are not supposed to be over the top at the Oscars, then when should you???

And look who is classic AND cool. Zoe Kravitz in Alexis Mabille.

Asos in Wonderland!

Right now I am waiting for this cutie to arrive!

 It's the ASOS Alice Short Cluster Pendant. Asos has a special feature of wonderful Wonderland fashion. These are some of my favourites!

My love affair with oxford inspired shoes goes on! ASOS Magnolia Ditsy Lace up Shoe.

These also come in offwhite and black, but I think this colour is more Alice.
ASOS Laurel Mary Jane Toe Cap Ballerina.

This reminds me of the dress Rodarte made for Target, featured in the December issue of US Vogue.
ASOS Lace Mono Two in One Dress.

ASOS Spot Bow Back Bandeau Dress.

Like a tea party on your finger!
Disney Couture "Alice in Wonderland" Silver Plated Triple Stack Teacup Ring.

Oh, yes. We ARE all mad. In one way or another...
Junkfood Alice in Wonderland We're All Mad Here Tee.

This could make any black tee seem special! And a little mad! In a very good way.
Tom Binns for Disney Couture "Alice in Wonderland" We're All Mad Heart Pendant Necklace.

Asos also carries the beautiful limited edition make up kits from Paul and Joe covered in Alice! Pretty!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Vintage living

Well I guess this post isn't really about fashion, or maybe it is. If fashion expands beyond what you are wearing. If fashion is part of your lifestyle, your personal style and the way you decorate your home. I live in a massproduced home built in the eighties. It has five bedrooms, 2 baths, living room and one large (huge blessing!) kitchen. And I guess you all figured out by now that I loooove vintage!

Vintage is good for the environment, it gives soul to the objects and it is often cheaper than even Ikea. At least if you put in some effort in finding treasures in unexpected places. Right now I am totally in to using old coffee cups as holders for tealights. A few summers ago we moved my in-laws small summerhouse to our backyard so we could use it as tool shed. In the small cabinet I found some cups. I asked my in-laws if they wanted to keep anything. They didn't. So I kept them. Did I mention I have a big kitchen? With lots of cabinets! So for maybe two years those cups have been dormant in my cabinet. And now I found the perfect use for those green and brown vintage glass (Duralex) cups and saucers and that odd really thin bone china cup from Bareuther.

Did you also notice the cool vintage stores I added to my "Pages worth a look". They are swedish, but I think you can look at the pictures for inspiration even if you don't understand the language.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Waiting for the Oscars....

I am waiting! Are you? To be honest, and yes I am a bit ashamed of it, I really don't care who wins. I just wanna see what they're wearing!! My husband is always teasing me for checking out people's clothes. Well, I've always been a people watcher. Peoples manners and what they wear says a lot about who they are and who they would like to be. Watching people is like none invasive psychology. Anyway, I am waiting to see what the people of Hollywood will choose to wear.
Meanwhile I take a trip down memory lane and check out last year's Oscar outfits. describes it as "a nod to old-school glamour". I'd say it was pretty bland. Of course it was recession times and the Oscars are often rather traditional. But COME ON people! You are supposed to be artists, the way you dress inspire generations all over the world.

Show us some creativeness! Challenge us! More Gagas please!


I am no huge fan of Tilda Swinton's style. But she has a distinctive one, this was actually one of the more individual style expressions last year. She is wearing Lanvin. It's ok, kind of reminds me of that man shirt/ Wang skirt combo Sharon Stone once wore. But kind of bland.


Marion Cotillard, I looove this dress from Christian Dior Haute Couture. I like that it is a short dress AND a long one. But I am not so fond of the necklace they picked. She should have been wearing something bolder and black!
 And here comes two women you could put in rags and ash and they would never be bland. (I guess that also goes for Mr. Pitt)


Halle Berry in Marchesa.


Angelina Jolie in Elie Saab.

Fortunately they were not in rags and ashes. They were stunning. Halle Berry is always so feminine without ever being frilly. She always had that edge. Well Angie often goes for black (who doesn't??) but the earrings are saving her from blending in. Which by the way I think she is incapable of. And ladies (and gentlemen) blending in is NOT a good thing. Unless you are a soldier in active battle.

If you have the desire to be a copy cat Kenneth Jay Lane has made a very similar earring. In Sweden you can get them at Kyss Johanna The originals worn by Angelina are by Lorraine Schwartz.

Talking jewellry, I looove this Fred Leighton necklace worn by Amy Adams.


I'm really into big jewellry and mixed stones. I like this bracelet from HM, I don't wear chunky bracelets that often, my wrists are so thin and I think it looks weird. Probably just something in my mind, cause I think they look great on everybody else.

This is one refreshing choice, especially for such a young lady, it is not strapless, not Greek  godess, not mermaid and not prom night. It IS Audrey Hepburn and Ritha Hayworth in one and classic glamour with a twist!


Miley Cyrus wearing Zuhair Murad.