Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Vintage living

Well I guess this post isn't really about fashion, or maybe it is. If fashion expands beyond what you are wearing. If fashion is part of your lifestyle, your personal style and the way you decorate your home. I live in a massproduced home built in the eighties. It has five bedrooms, 2 baths, living room and one large (huge blessing!) kitchen. And I guess you all figured out by now that I loooove vintage!

Vintage is good for the environment, it gives soul to the objects and it is often cheaper than even Ikea. At least if you put in some effort in finding treasures in unexpected places. Right now I am totally in to using old coffee cups as holders for tealights. A few summers ago we moved my in-laws small summerhouse to our backyard so we could use it as tool shed. In the small cabinet I found some cups. I asked my in-laws if they wanted to keep anything. They didn't. So I kept them. Did I mention I have a big kitchen? With lots of cabinets! So for maybe two years those cups have been dormant in my cabinet. And now I found the perfect use for those green and brown vintage glass (Duralex) cups and saucers and that odd really thin bone china cup from Bareuther.

Did you also notice the cool vintage stores I added to my "Pages worth a look". They are swedish, but I think you can look at the pictures for inspiration even if you don't understand the language.

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