Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Outdoor wardrobe staples!

Well, I DREAM of summer. But maybe I should get back to reality for a while....... It is still very much winter where I live. Very much..... So while I dream of summer dresses, oxfords, ballet flats, shorts and bathing suits. That is not what I am wearing. This is what I am wearing.

My trusty, toasty Shepherd boots that once had the colour honey, nowadays they are more greyish...

My green boots from Lacoste.

My wonderfully soft, huge (!) scarf from Atlas Design. It has a beautiful paisley pattern that doesn't really come out in this picture.

This hat that my mum knitted.

Here's an outfit I have found myself in often lately. The cloche hat I bought years ago when I was a student. The scarf is made by a women's project in Kenya, it was a gift from a friend that grew up in Nairobi. The leather jacket is my mother in law's that she bought in the seventies.

I think I am gonna have to ask my man to take some pictures.... It is hard taking pictures of yourself. My arm is only so long!

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