Monday, March 1, 2010

Summer outfit for the lake back home!

Well here's another scenery:

The lake back home. Do you have to wear sweats? Or jeans? Nah....

Here's what I suggest!


A good rubber boot. Because it ain't gonna be tropical temperatures. And it's gonna be wet. These are Ilse Jacobsen's Biker rubber boot, one place to get it is here: Brandos 


Instead of sweatpants and a tee, try something equal in comfort. This silk tunic called Dawn is by Diane von Furstenberg and can be found at Net-A-Porter 


These stunners are earrings by Kenneth Jay Lane, in Sweden they can be found at Kyss Johanna


  1. omg. you have found my dream rain boots. i applaud you. i was hunting around earlier and found "hunter" galoshes but those are sooooo much better... thanks!


  2. I also like these better. I have a hard time understanding the whole hype surrounding the Hunter's. I think they are so basic, these are more edgy. To be honest, I really think it's a label thing. People sometimes want a visible label more than style.