Friday, January 29, 2010

Dolce and Gabbana spring 2010 ad campaign!

Wanna see proof of the saying, good women are like good wines, they improve with age? Check out Dolce and Gabbana's spring ad campaign with Madonna! Dolce and Gabbana homepage Well, the men aren't bad to look upon either.... I love the suit shot! The pictures are so dramatic and so Sicilian! You can just see the emotions and wonder what caused them. Plus, it's one of the few pages where I didn't turn off the sound, because the music contributed to the mood instead of just being a distraction.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dior's new New Look

John Galliano has NAILED it!!! I am in loooove!
Dior's spring 2010 haute couture collection is the perfect combination of history, fashion now, feminity, fierceness and sexy. The silhouette is clearly Christian Dior New Look. Inspiration for the looks seems to have been found at the Ascot and a weekend of hunting at an english castle. Some of the looks are for haute couture fox hunting and some are made for drinking afternoon tea after the Ascot horse races.

And the accessories!

The shoes are FABULOUS!! And the long gloves, the HUGE jewellry and the HATS!

And my trademark look exaggerated! The bun!

And the evening gowns!!!! Every single one is beautiful!

To see the entire collection go to If you don't you'll miss out on some serious inspiration and style!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pink fur, is it stylish?

And one thing leads to another. On the subject of kids and coats I cannot forgo this....

This horrible syntetic furry thing was a birthday gift for my daughter from my mother. My mother asked me what she wanted for her birthday. "Well", I said. "A nice coat maybe." My mum KNOWS I hate coats like the above, but she also knows that my daughter would LOVE it. Well, mum got a laugh and my daughter was happy!

But today I was doing the laughing! Guess who's stylish according to mr de la Renta?

This coat comes from his pre-fall collection 2010. Not my favorite piece, but otherwise the collection is beautiful. Check it out at

This dress is my favorite. Let me know what's your?

Every old coat is new again...

Speaking, or actually writing, of toggle coats... This one I wore when I was 9 or 10 years old. Some time in the early ninties. I think it is a rather classic piece. That is why I am saving it for my kids. Classic items in good quality are worth storing for the future!

Budget chic and how to make the right move!

Sales are great! But they can be real traps. Many are the times I have come through my door with bags full of clothes I will never use. Sometimes the clothes are "almost" my size, or "almost" the right fit or some colour that doesn't really agree with me. It is too easy to compromise on quality, fit or wearability when the price is close to nothing.

When shopping at sale ALWAYS consider this:
"Would I buy this at the original price?"
"Does this go with anything in my wardrobe?"
"Will I wear it?"
"Is the fit good?"

It is good to have some idea of what you're looking for before heading out there. Take into account the current trends, your personal style and your wardrobe's needs.

This saturday I went shopping at the HM sale, this is what I came home with. I bought another pair of Sonia Rykiel slippers. They have such great shape!

This is the back of the skirt that I got. Basics like this is great to find at sales. The pattern and the gold zipper makes it fun and of the moment. Visible zippers is a major design feature right now. Like on the white Michael Kors (pre-fall collection 2010) dress below. I am on the look out for some high heel sandals with a zipper in the back. Anyone seen some nice ones?

I have been looking for a red jacket for a while now. I thought this was really cute! The cut is perfect for me, but the picture doesn't do justice to the colour. It is a more bright red in real life. Red jackets is also a major trend. Among others Narciso Rodriguez showed red jackets (see below) in his pre-fall collection 2010. Toggle coats is also a strong trend, Proenza-Schouler had two versions in their pre-fall collection (see one below).

This bolerolike chunky knit resembles the Malandrino piece (below, pre-fall collection 2010) in shape and size. I have been eyeing it at HM for a while, but at this price I had to get it! It is really warm and soft, mainly made from acrylic with a small part mohair and wool.

Be wise now, shoppers!!!

The pre-fall collection pictures are all from of course!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I should've brought my camera!!!!

Today was one of those days I wished I was carrying my camera, but of course it was at home. On my way to H&M crossing the street a woman in the most gorgeous coat walks by. I am still regretting just staring and not asking where she got it. It was black, kneelong in the front and even longer in the back, the sleeves were also assymetric and a bit of a bell sleeve and most gorgeous of all!!! The lining that peeked out in assymetric parts was bright red!

The live fashion show continued at the grocery store where a woman with the most beautiful brown Mulberry bag was buying cold cuts and a woman in a lovely navy coat embroidered with white flowers walked by with a determined look on her face.

The world is a truly amazing place to live in and fashion and beauty awaits in the most unexpected places. Tonight I was watching the Hope for Haiti gala and I hope you are all sending your thoughts, prayers and economical help to the people of Haiti!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Carolina Herrera? Yes, please!

Yesterday I was browsing the pre-fall collections at and Carolina Herrera's collection is awesome! If no celebrity turns up on a red carpet during award season wearing the dress above I will be truly disappointed.

If I could afford it I would buy the entire collection, and I would use it! The clothes are so wearable! I am just simply awestruck!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Dress code

Expressen, another swedish paper is also interested in Sahlin's wardrobe.

They have even taken it a step further and asked political experts what they think of her donning the Louis Vuitton bag. Apparently, you have to "stick with your party's dress code". It's not like she turned up for the debate in beach gear! Let me know what you think of this debate!

Fashion faux pas??!

Today, Aftonbladet, one of the most popular magazines in Sweden published this article. What it says, in short, is that Mona Sahlin leader of Socialdemokraterna, the largest left wing party in Sweden, came to a debate carrying a Louis Vuitton bag. SO?! Well, some people seem to think it inappropriate. We all know she makes a lot more money than the average Joe, but I guess some of us doesn't wanna see it on display. But I can't help but wonder what brand the men were wearing? And how much were their suits? Not to speak of ties, they can be very pricey little things. I know should know, my father is a man of great style.

So I guess the lesson to learn from this is: If you blend in you can get away with murder. But if you stand out you will be accused for murder, even if you're innocent. Mona Sahlin, I applaud you for your courage to show your true colours in a world of greyish suits!!!

More Eiffel!

Vive la France! Leave it to the french to make the perfect Eiffel tower tee. I want this!!!


But I want the grey version (follow the link!) that says "Merci Gustave!".

I dream of Paris!

Je suis Parisienne!
I've never even been to France. I once flew over Paris at night. I could see La Place d'Etoile with all its street lights. There is one thing in Paris that really intrigues me, the Eiffel tower. It was finished in 1889 for the World Exhibition. Many Parisians claimed the tower was ugly and it was supposed to be torn down in 1909, but was left standing because it could be used for communication purposes.
I looove architecture and the Eiffel tower is a stunning work of art!

Did you know that Gustave Eiffel also designed the internal structure for the Statue of Liberty?

Anyhow, when I saw this necklace at Forever 21 I had to have it. Je suis Parisienne! (If only in my dreams..)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Life in the periphery of civilization.....

Finally the second Sonia Rykiel project is on the first page of the swedish H&M page. It looks really interesting!  But it will only be in the stores of six Swedish cities. Of course none of them anywhere close to where I am. Suppose I could catch a plane, but then it will be as expensive as the original Sonia Rykiels....
Actually the underwear line from Sonia Rykiel pour HM was in a store only 45 minutes away. Not many people seemed to take notice though... I bought some underwear and a pair of lovely slippers at sale after christmas. Everything was 50 percent off and most of the collection was still there.... Amazing.... I guess I DO understand why they will not be wasting the next part of the collection on us.

I've seen it before, when Matthew Williamson designed for HM the stuff was flying off e-bay for four times the original price. I was so disappointed, I knew the collection was going to hit our local store but on that date I couldn't make it in to town. Three days later we had other business in town, I went in just to see if they had anything left. EVERYTHING was there. There was NO line, there was NO crowd. But there WAS a beautiful bathing suit calling my name.

But this time I'm going to be online and armed! Credit card in hand! The internet is a blessing!

The slippers, my glam-slippers, I wore as part of my "hostess outfit" on New Year's Eve. I just looove that it says "Belle en Rykiel" inside! And the bathing suit smells like sunlotion and beach from this summers lazy days on the New Jersey coast. It doesn't smell like ocean though. I don't do ocean. Too cold!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fanny pack, one of the curses of the eighties..... It was practical, sure. But stylish? NO!!! I had two, one baby blue with a bunny print and one black/bright pink. But Kinies made me reconsider the fanny pack. I guess miracles do happen!

This dreamy bag looks like a modern version of the tournure when worn like in the picture above. When worn across the shoulder it looks like a detail worthy of an evening gown. Kinies, you are ingenious!!!


I thought, maybe I should look for some bags that I could actually afford. Even though i hope and dream... But I thought this one was pretty dreamy too, and only $19! It reminds me of the purses the women of the 17th and 18th centuries used to carry at the waist of their dresses. But the decoration on this bag makes it so modern!


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Dream clutches from la Leiber!

Oh, my! Have you been to Net-A-Porter and checked out their clutches? Oh, my! They're dreamy!
This, of course, is the one and only Judith Leiber. (The image is from Net-A-Porter, you can buy the bag there for 5,540,84 euro ) I've always liked bees and their hives. The shapes are and colours are so geometric and basic. Plus the honey they produce is great! I drink hot water with honey almost every day. But how about this cupcake clutch for yummie?

Mmmmmm..... And the funniest thing ever is what they recommend you wear with it..... La Perla underwear. Well, cupcakes are sexy! And this one is calorie free! (Find it here ) Check out the Judith Leiber homepage for more designs. It is a beautiful site and they also have a webshop.

Unfortunately, Judith Leiber has also jumped on the Hello Kitty train and made a collection covered with the kitty.... Honestly, fashion is meant to be fun. But I am a WOMAN. No one over 18 should wear Hello Kitty in my opinion. Everything seems to be covered in that cat these days. She's cute, no doubt about it. But I don't want her all over my wardrobe. And absolutely not in my underwear drawer. Seriously, what man would like to take a hot woman home, undress her and find 20 small Hello Kittys staring at him from her bra??! Hello Kitty - stay away from my boobs!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


In my life clutches unfortunatly don't get so much mileage. But they are gorgeous little things!

This pretty little thing I found at a second hand store in Umeå, Sweden. I looooooove thrift stores and vintage. This pearly beauty was part of my wedding outfit. See it's even beautiful on the inside!

This racy little black one I found at Bare Feet Shoes in Atlantic City.

This brown seventies Chanel knock-off used to be my moms. I also looooove a good hand-me-down!

Once upon a closet......

Well, here it is. The closet. Nobody can say I'm spoiling my clothes.... Actually only the right one is mine. The left one is my husbands. Ok, I'm invading part of his too... To my husband clothes are something you wear not to be naked. To me clothes are dreams, hopes, artwork, fun, wishes, promises, expressions and stories. I'm also as most women an avid fan of accessories. Shoes, belts, hats, gloves but above all handbags and jewellry.

So far, so good. But I'm not named Wintour, Lauder, Rockefeller or even Hilton. I don't even live in a city. I live in reindeer country. In the middle of nowhere surrounded by lakes, woods and mountains. I am closer to the Polar circle than the Mediterranean. The only parties I ever attend is the occasional wedding of a friend or relative or maybe some New Year's Eve party and the it's usually so cold you have to be in full polar expedition gear. I am a stay at home mom of two small children looking for a job. But this blog isn't going to tell stories of my unglamourous every day life. It is going to tell the story of fashion and my closet full of hopes and dreams.