Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dream clutches from la Leiber!

Oh, my! Have you been to Net-A-Porter and checked out their clutches? Oh, my! They're dreamy!
This, of course, is the one and only Judith Leiber. (The image is from Net-A-Porter, you can buy the bag there for 5,540,84 euro ) I've always liked bees and their hives. The shapes are and colours are so geometric and basic. Plus the honey they produce is great! I drink hot water with honey almost every day. But how about this cupcake clutch for yummie?

Mmmmmm..... And the funniest thing ever is what they recommend you wear with it..... La Perla underwear. Well, cupcakes are sexy! And this one is calorie free! (Find it here ) Check out the Judith Leiber homepage for more designs. It is a beautiful site and they also have a webshop.

Unfortunately, Judith Leiber has also jumped on the Hello Kitty train and made a collection covered with the kitty.... Honestly, fashion is meant to be fun. But I am a WOMAN. No one over 18 should wear Hello Kitty in my opinion. Everything seems to be covered in that cat these days. She's cute, no doubt about it. But I don't want her all over my wardrobe. And absolutely not in my underwear drawer. Seriously, what man would like to take a hot woman home, undress her and find 20 small Hello Kittys staring at him from her bra??! Hello Kitty - stay away from my boobs!!!

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