Friday, January 22, 2010

Fashion faux pas??!

Today, Aftonbladet, one of the most popular magazines in Sweden published this article. What it says, in short, is that Mona Sahlin leader of Socialdemokraterna, the largest left wing party in Sweden, came to a debate carrying a Louis Vuitton bag. SO?! Well, some people seem to think it inappropriate. We all know she makes a lot more money than the average Joe, but I guess some of us doesn't wanna see it on display. But I can't help but wonder what brand the men were wearing? And how much were their suits? Not to speak of ties, they can be very pricey little things. I know should know, my father is a man of great style.

So I guess the lesson to learn from this is: If you blend in you can get away with murder. But if you stand out you will be accused for murder, even if you're innocent. Mona Sahlin, I applaud you for your courage to show your true colours in a world of greyish suits!!!

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