Thursday, January 21, 2010

Life in the periphery of civilization.....

Finally the second Sonia Rykiel project is on the first page of the swedish H&M page. It looks really interesting!  But it will only be in the stores of six Swedish cities. Of course none of them anywhere close to where I am. Suppose I could catch a plane, but then it will be as expensive as the original Sonia Rykiels....
Actually the underwear line from Sonia Rykiel pour HM was in a store only 45 minutes away. Not many people seemed to take notice though... I bought some underwear and a pair of lovely slippers at sale after christmas. Everything was 50 percent off and most of the collection was still there.... Amazing.... I guess I DO understand why they will not be wasting the next part of the collection on us.

I've seen it before, when Matthew Williamson designed for HM the stuff was flying off e-bay for four times the original price. I was so disappointed, I knew the collection was going to hit our local store but on that date I couldn't make it in to town. Three days later we had other business in town, I went in just to see if they had anything left. EVERYTHING was there. There was NO line, there was NO crowd. But there WAS a beautiful bathing suit calling my name.

But this time I'm going to be online and armed! Credit card in hand! The internet is a blessing!

The slippers, my glam-slippers, I wore as part of my "hostess outfit" on New Year's Eve. I just looove that it says "Belle en Rykiel" inside! And the bathing suit smells like sunlotion and beach from this summers lazy days on the New Jersey coast. It doesn't smell like ocean though. I don't do ocean. Too cold!


  1. i might just be in LOVE with this bathing suit, good find!

  2. Thank you!I love the colours and the pattern. Plus it has a cutout in the back that makes it look like a bikini from behind.