Monday, May 31, 2010

In Living Colour

I hope you had a great weekend! Here's what I wore this Saturday. Another pair of colourful tights and another little black dress. And my new shoes!

Blazer thrifted Strenesse, scarf H&M, tights H&M, shoes Donna Girl from DNA Shoes, dress H&M, lace top worn underneath from clothes swap, earrings Swarowski.

Also, welcome all new followers!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Sister!

Today is my sisters birthday. She is turning 20. I am nine years older than her. (So if you are curious to know my age, just do the math.... ) Despite the age difference we have shared a lot. Last year I had a son (my second child) in March, she had a son (her first child) in September. We both love clothes, especially dresses and shoes and well everything pretty! We are also best friends. At least I think so, or what do you say sis? ;) Anyone in doubt can just ask her man about the phone bill. My sister and I don't live in the same town. And we NEED to talk.

Anyhow, today is her day and we have spent most of our day celebrating her. So this blogpost is for you Babysister! I love you!

Here's the gift we gave her. When we had the girls weekend (see the post Weekend Getaway) she bought a fab skull ring so I made her these rocking earrings to go with it. We also gave her a gift card and her own herb box.

It is filled with thyme, mint and basil. On the back of the labels I wrote a recipe for every herb. Mojito for mint, pesto for basil and fried parsnip for thyme.

Isn't she a beauty?

I will give you some photos of my outfit tomorrow. Stay tuned. Thank you for all of your sweet comments! Hope you are having a great weekend! Now I am gonna go sit with my hubby in the new hammock he got for his birtday yesterday!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Country living

It probably does not come as a surprise to most of you that have been following my blog that I live in the countryside. Waaay out in the countryside! I live in a village though so I am surrounded by lovely neighbours!

I looove the British editions of Country Living and Country Homes and Interiors. If you cannot get your hands on these you can get inspired here.

I do not call myself a gardener. But I have a garden and for the years we have been living in this house I have been trying to figure out how to take care of it. I love working in my garden and I am in love with peonies. I have a few, but plans are to get some more. My love for peonies go way back to my childhood. My maternal grandmother had lots in her garden and I was always enchanted by them.

This is Martha Stewart's peony garden. It is my dream. Of course I don't have the space for it. But dreams don't need space.

This is the bouquet I carried for my wedding. More pictures from my wedding in the post Dream Wedding.

My sense of style has also been influenced by this love of British farmhouse/country/manor. I am crazy about hats and well all types of fashion you wear on your head. Caps, berets, fascinators, headbands, veils. You name it!

Here's what I wore today. It is a sunny but windy spring day.

Cap was a gift from my sister-in-law, Cardigan H&M, Tank Gina Tricot(another gift from my lovely mom!), old cut-off Levi's, tights Åhléns, flats H&M Kids

My kids were also donning some seriously cute headwear today!

This cap is from H&M.

I wish this came in my size!!!! Old Navy

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

Today is a rainy one.

The down side is that I'm getting wet and the weeds are spreading faster than I can get rid of them.

The upside is...

... I get to break out the cute rain gear...

... and things are starting to sprout in my kitchen garden. These are radishes.

Still today I will huddle up inside with a cup of hot green tea with honey...

... dreaming away with this amazing Vogue feature.
(All of the pictures above were shot by me inside and around our house.)

To see all the gorgeous pictures from "Two if by the sea" go to Vogue US. It is shot by Mikael Jansson (Swedish!!!) featuring Raquel Zimmermann and Matthew Morrison. Had no idea who the man was, apparently he's an actor starring in Glee. Zimmermann and Jansson I knew of. Maybe I should start watching more television.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekend Getaway

Had a great time with my mom and sis!

Friday we had dinner at the hotel, precourse: tapas, main course: pepper steak, pepper sauce, bell peppers and potato wedges and dessert: milk chocolate panna cotta with lime and vanilla marinated raspberrys. Mmmmmm....

View from our hotel room. These three last pictures were taken by my sister.

Saturday we had breakfast at the hotel, went shopping and had tea at my favorite café. I bought these sandals from H&M.

Back home again!

Dress Gina Tricot, earrings clothes swap, sandals H&M and jean jacket from la Redoute bought almost ten years ago.

Ooooh! I almost forgot to tell you. I found THEM. THE SHOES. Remember my post "Ruby Red Heels" back in April? I was looking for red shoes for my cousins wedding this summer, but if you don't keep an open mind you might miss out on something. I found these purple babies!

Do I need to say I loooove them??! To refresh your memory here's the dress that will befriend these cute heels.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Peace, love and weekend

White sweater from the clothes swap (see yesterdays post), blue tank Aeropostale, jean leggins H&M, earrings Gina Tricot, blazer thrifted Strenesse, scarf Old Navy and suede ballerinas Gap.

I am leaving home til tomorrow for a kid free hotel stay with my mother and my sister (mother of a six month old). We are gonna eat out and just enjoy each others company. I hope you all have a great weekend!!!

And remember, with our actions we can change the world. While staying fashionable of course! ;) Dream on! Peace out!