Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

Today is a rainy one.

The down side is that I'm getting wet and the weeds are spreading faster than I can get rid of them.

The upside is...

... I get to break out the cute rain gear...

... and things are starting to sprout in my kitchen garden. These are radishes.

Still today I will huddle up inside with a cup of hot green tea with honey...

... dreaming away with this amazing Vogue feature.
(All of the pictures above were shot by me inside and around our house.)

To see all the gorgeous pictures from "Two if by the sea" go to Vogue US. It is shot by Mikael Jansson (Swedish!!!) featuring Raquel Zimmermann and Matthew Morrison. Had no idea who the man was, apparently he's an actor starring in Glee. Zimmermann and Jansson I knew of. Maybe I should start watching more television.


  1. Ooo,history teacher?That must be great I regret I didn't get my degree in history now.I would love a history lesson,maybe something related to Sweden. Vikings and Berserkers have always fascinated me.
    Tokyo and Seoul Dreams

  2. I have a backyard, but my backyard currently looks like a junkyard because we're renovating. My mom had to put her good couch outside to brave the schizophrenic weather. Man she was bummed. I miss growing things though, we had a scallion and onion patch but that's currently buried. You've made me miss my garden now... Oh well, it just might make a come back next year.
    And that globe is awesomeness! I have one of those too.. except mine doesn't glow :(

    I'm so happy that you two had a conversation about my post! That means it was really worth a second talk about :D I think that in a couple of years humans, and animals too, just may grow to sizeable proportions, more so than we can imagine. My theory is that we're still evolving and this time around it will be another tactic of survival of the fittest. We'll be giants, give or take a couple hundred years.

    And like I said before, technology really is becoming a pain in the ass. Because food is readily available at every street corner and new devices are steady making us immobile we are changing the mindset of our body's need for freedom. They've already cut out play time from most school's lunch schedules. It's saddening.

    I really like that Hepburn quote! I'm just like that. Stick me with some Ferrero Rocher, or some Cadbury, even a freakin Toblerone and I'm in heaven on earth. What's your favorite chocolate?

    PS. *sigh* I say things sometimes that just might get me into trouble. I'm sure you're not an asshat! But he was one, giving me looks about my food :/ & making me feel bad in the process! But I was hungry!

  3. fina bilder!
    Här har det också regnat i dag! men just nu skiner solen.

  4. Thanks so much for you comment... roll-over is chocolate with carmel swirl and chunks of the rolo chocolate pieces in it!!!! so good... love that picture of the globe... the beau and i have been looking for one for the homestead! Love that it lights up


  5. Hello darling, tanx for the nice comments!
    I follow you too!


  6. lovely photos! love your garden and your glowing globe :)

  7. garden is grand as are your boots