Thursday, May 13, 2010

Here comes the sun!

Thank you for your kind comments! Things are looking up now, so just continue keeping your fingers crossed. Today it is spring. FOR REAL!!!! It has been a whopping 17 degrees Celsius today. That might be winter temperatures for some of you, but please remember I live very close to the Polar Circle.

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So in celebration of the "hot" weather the whole family went to town to buy some flowers, herbs, seeds, a lilac and a rhubarb plant. The flowers and the herbs are in the hallway awaiting kinder night temperatures, the seeds might find their way into soil tomorrow. I am for the first time ever going to grow some vegetables. At least I hope they will grow. My husband planted the lilac and the rhubarb tonight. I hope to get a good harvest of the rhubarb so I can make pies and "juice". There is no good word in english, at least not one I know of, for the swedish word "saft". "Saft" is sort of like lemonade but it can be made from any fruit or berry. Is there a good word for it?

Today I wore my new blouse from H&M.

Wow, I really need to clean that mirror. It's got my kids fingerprints all over it. Anyway, I also wore an old pair of Levi's that I cut off yesterday, some black tights and black suede ballerinas from Gap.

Had to show you these babies..... My Judith Ripka earrings. They were a gift from my husband on our fifth wedding anniversary last year. Did I tell you I have the greatest hubby? ;)


  1. pretty blouse, love the color and the pattern too.. nice.. ^^
    check me out =)