Monday, May 31, 2010

In Living Colour

I hope you had a great weekend! Here's what I wore this Saturday. Another pair of colourful tights and another little black dress. And my new shoes!

Blazer thrifted Strenesse, scarf H&M, tights H&M, shoes Donna Girl from DNA Shoes, dress H&M, lace top worn underneath from clothes swap, earrings Swarowski.

Also, welcome all new followers!


  1. The color of these tights is amazing and such a stylish blazer.I was always a fan of blue-purple color combination so I think this outfit is 10 points out of 10.
    Tokyo and Seoul Dreams

  2. Oh CUTE! The combo of your shoes and tights is really adorable.

  3. gah the shoesssss so lovely

    those tights are killer

  4. I must say I do love the color combo. I need to get myself some purple shoes. Tstraps of course.
    Lovely earrings too.

  5. love the lace detail on your dress :)

  6. GORGEOUS!! love the whole outfit esp your scarf. so cool! i love the way you combine blue and pale coat
    thanks for your comment


  7. Your smile makes me smile! I want your teeth, lol.
    Do you ever take pictures without your glasses? I'd like to see you without your glasses :)

    I still can't get over the fact that you had not one, but TWO babies ... I hope I look as good as you a whole lot of years down the road after my boobs are shot to hell and I have a muffin top.. LET'S HOPE NOT. That image is making me cringe. <3

    You're gorgeous! And I love those purple shoes.

  8. gorgeous! love the tights and earrings :)
    mind to exchange link?

  9. Thank you for all your kind words! I am sooo in love with these shoes. They are surprisingly versatile too. I can definitely see myself wearing them to a winterparty and this summer they are going to follow me to a wedding.

  10. No, dear. Exchanging link means I linked your blog on my blog, and you do the same. If you still don't get it, go check my blog, scroll down, and see the 'wardrobe' lists. You'll see your blog name with the link there! :) But if you want to follow each other, I've followed you :) :)

  11. lovely shoes.....I love them!