Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Let's go biking!

Ok, so the reality check didn't last for that long. I'm back to dreaming!

Let's go for a bike ride!

So, this is kind of an experiment for me. I just started using Polyvore, thank you Betty Darling! And how fun is it? Well, it will steal a great deal of my easter, and probably the rest of the year too.....

I am just working on how to get a direct link from the picture to my page on Polyvore. So far.... no success..... The romper and the hat is from Forever 21, the wedges are from Piperlime and the earrings from


  1. I love this wedge and floral hat.

  2. snygg shortsdress!
    Den där boken hattliv måste jag läsa,vad heter författaren?

  3. Ja visst är den! Jag tror jag måste skaffa mig något sånt till sommaren :) Hon som har skrivit Hattliv heter Ylva Elzén. Jag köpte den från Bokus. Den är fantastisk!

  4. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Sayablack!

  5. Great job. Hopping your success. These fashionable accessories are too good to look at. So fashionable and wonderful design. I love the dress and the hat. I have also a dress like this short white dresses