Friday, September 3, 2010

Autumn is upon us

So, long time no read.I haven't been blogging for a while. Autumn is a busy time.
It is time to harvest what the garden and the forest has given us,

time to turn that harvest into jam, marmalades, bread, muffins, pies,

marmalades from left: peach with menthe, plum with cinnamon and black currant

time to pick also the non-edibles from the woods and make decorations,

time to sew curtains for the kitchen from grandmother's old hand-embroidered sheets that I coloured grey,

time to pick up some "new" reads from the thrift store for those long autumn eves,

time to raid the after-summer-sales and thrift store for some new loves

like this thrifted dress and tights bought at sale that goes perfectly with some of my old loves

my grandmother's brooch

and these gorgeous vintage leather shoes

and then, the love you thought lost because of a price too high suddenly appears on the sale rack for a fifth of the price! Thank heaven and all the angels! The dream dress now resides in my closet. Til it falls apart. ♥

Autumn is also the time for a new season and I will soon be back with some of my favorites from the runway!


  1. That last dress is so lovely! I love that autumn is hereish. I'm just sad because I'll be busier.

  2. Thanks for commenting my blog post! That's great that we share those interests :)
    I really love your dress and shoes here, great finds!I like that you're harvesting, too, my mom's garden is always giving something to us as well. Have a great day!!

  3. Great dress girl! Love the print, so fab.

  4. yum for the harvested goodies an yum for beautiful print dresses!

  5. We also have a huge collection of these kinda dresses like Sarees, Salwars and Lehenga Cholis visit -

  6. Awh, I want to harvest jams tooo! You make me want to live out in the country like a crazy lady who does nothing but talk to the walls.

    & You're gorgeous. I love that floral dress on you! Pfft, I'm still amazed you have children. Lol. I can't get over that. I won't get over that.

    And I love to READ! I just wish I had the time to do it more often nowadays :( I've missed you & your sweet comments!

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