Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dinner at the neighbours!

Today I am having a day at home, I would really like to go to the store and pick up my package from H&M. I hope it's my new hat! But the store is 20 kilometers away. And I don't have a car. I do have two kids. So I guess I won't be picking up any package today....

Tonight however we are invited over to have dinner with some very dear friends! Looking forward to it! Hat or no hat! ;)

Tee from Aeropostale (I accidentally customized it with tea the first time I used it...), tank Aero also, the world's most comfy stretch jean skirt from KappAhl, random cutoff tights, sandals H&M, necklaces Asos, mom's and grandma's, bracelet KappAhl and the chapped hands of a gardener/mom/baker/cook.


  1. Absolutely EVERYTHING about you is darling! (hope you get your hat soon)

  2. lovely tshirt there !
    and nice shoes too !

  3. I love Aero and its so refreshing to see it here in the fashion blogosphere. :) That shirt is really pretty! And I love your rings.

  4. cute Tee! I want your skirt and sandals!

  5. I absolutely love those sandals and do you know how to play the piano?I think it's great if you do.Too bad about your package,I am sure you'll get it soon.Have fun at the dinner with your friends tonight.