Sunday, June 6, 2010

Started in a fantasy world...

...but ended up back in reality. Saturday morning looked like a sunny summer day, and I was feeling a totally americana vibe. So I decided to go pinup!

Top Esprit from clothes swap, skirt H&M, random fishnets, necklace Forever 21 and shoes from a local department store.
And then, while I was taking these pictures a storm came in. The temperature dropped, the wind picked up and it started raining cats and dogs... Back to reality.

The fishnets and the open neck sweater had to go. But I was still in an americana vibe! So I opted for a flag tank, blue jeans, fake wayfarers and Keds!
Sweater from clothes swap, flag tank Old Navy 2009, shoes Keds Eleanor, sunglasses and jeans Forever 21.

The weather has not been pleasing me lately, but it is doing wonders for my garden.

See how much my herbs have grown? See the herb box a few weeks ago here

My kitchen garden is flourishing. These are peas.

Our crabapple tree is in bloom... is our rhubarb...

...and all of our spirea bushes.

And SOON I will be enjoying peonies!!!

And that's where I'll be! I got this sign and two others that read "Tea Time" and "At the Beach" for Mother's Day. Aren't they sweet?


  1. Your garden is very beautiful.Talking about crazy weather,I hate storms,they make me want to hide under my bed.The sign is lovely and oh,those green flats are so cute

  2. Your garden looks sweet. I have a hard time growing peas. When my Rhubarb flowers like that I never get a good crop. Hmm, let me know if you do well with yours. I must post my garden at some point.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

    Love the pin up look and the other look reminds me of Punk Rock 80's Love them equally! :0

  3. Both looks are fabulous on you!

  4. i like the PIN UP look;) i made a video with PIN UP looks, take a look! ;)

    lotz of greetings from Berlin

  5. I love the idea of the first outfit!! Your fishnets and the skirt looks so cute together!! Pluse I wish I have a garden like yours! xoxoxoxoxoo