Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Most Dangerous Place on Earth?

Sorry about the non-existing promised photos. We fell ill again.... Nothing serious this time though. So I am not camera ready yet. But my mind is still sharp. So I thought I would invite you in to share some of my thoughts! And I am so happy to see that some of you still remember me!

The Most Dangerous Place on Earth?

Today when you need information what do you do? You Google it. So did I, and according to the all-knowing Google the most dangerous place seems to be a place plagued by war or violence and crime. I guess that's one way of looking at it....

But if by dangerous we mean a place that cannot be even seen by anyone, a place so dangerous it has to be hidden and sometimes even pretended not to exist at all. Now THAT is a truly dangerous place. So where is it? News networks are sending war, crime and violence right into our homes every day. But what place is so dangerous it would do harm even on a TV screen? Is there such a place?

I believe there is. It is the body of a curvaceous grown woman. It has been feared for centuries. Hidden away. Suppressed. There has been countless myths surrounding a cuvaceous female body. Fertility, frivolity, absence of intelligence and shallowness to name a few. A body like Kate Moss's seem to be able to get away with a lot more when it comes to showing some flesh and wearing body hugging outfits. But Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian or JLo, pour them into something skintight and bellybaring and you can count on a storm in media. Maybe that is why most runway models are waifs. Designer clothes are often daring and this season even see through. Small, barely there breasts doesn't seem to make anyone choke on their latte these days (at least not in Europe). But what if Christina Hendricks where to strut her stuff in the same ensemble?

The porn industry has embraces the curvaceous woman and even seem to encourage getting there artificially if you weren't born that way. I think this only adds to the image of the dangerous body. Why is the body of the man not as dangerous? The last time the world heard about a dangerous male body might be Elvis, and unfortunately The King has left the building permanently. Today I cannot think of one male body considered a danger to society....

If you are a skinny woman with not many curves you are more likely to be seen as serious, intelligent, disciplined and trust worthy. Just look at the power women of the world! How many of them are curvaceous? And if one of them happen to be, you can be sure she tries to play it down with manlike suits and very little make up. (Or she is probably not a very successful politician....) To get back to The King the curvaceous woman is The Devil in Disguise. And her body is the most dangerous place on earth.

The Most Dangerous Place on Earth?

So of course these are my personal opinions and thoughts, and they are absolutely subjective as it is written by a curvaceous, professional, fashion interested and serious woman. Please beautiful women of all shapes and sizes share your perspective on this issue!

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