Monday, March 7, 2011

The Girl is Back in Town!

Hi, finally I am back! No I haven't moved, so really the title is a lie. I still live in the country side... :) But it is ages since my last entry and lots has happened. (Which is also partly the reason why it's been so long...)

So here's some of the stuff that's happened:

Christmas has passed, it's a new year (Happy New One to all of you!!!),

My son at last managed to break my beloved silver Gucci frames prompting me to buy new glasses (gold MaxMara),

The new job is great! unfortunately I've been having a fever, nausea and vertigo for the last two months, so for a month now I've been on sick leave and having doctors poking everywhere and taking my blood countless times. BORING!!!,

My kids have since christmas collected probably every virus that frequents daycares,

We bought a new camera, so look forward to more and BETTER pictures!

Of course it has not all been work, germs and disease. I need some style!!! I will not torture you with a picture of me now as I look quite dreadful after months of fever and my everyday uniform is my wonderful Paul Frank PJ that I got for my birthday. Not very inspiring. I am preparing for better days though, and warmer, summer!!! This winter has been long and cold and still not over. We've had temperatures down to 40 degrees celsius below zero! (About minus 104 fahrenheit)  Brr!

But as usual I continue to hope and dream! So my closet has been growing this winter, first filling up with some work essentials: some cute dresses, leather boots, patterned tights, cardigans, black jeans and some basic tops. But lately the summer has been creeping in. I know I won't be wearing these for at least two to three months, but I couldnt resist...

From H&M

And having spent a lot of time in bed and on the couch Vogue, In Style, Elle and Harper's Bazaar only lasted so long... To my great joy I found the best style guide ever!!!!!!

Written by Amanda Brooks who was just appointed Fashion Director at Barneys. She is a woman who has lived a life of fashion and this book is just the best guide to find your own style. So many books and magazines just teach you a formula that might not be YOU, but this book aims at giving you the tools to find your own style. And it has lots and lots and lots of gorgeous and inspiring pictures! Amanda blogs at Barneys Homepage here!

Now I just hope that I will soon be back at work and I will try to shape up so I can show off some of my new purchases (and gifts! Got a great silk dress from hubby and kids for christmas.) to you!

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