Saturday, April 10, 2010

Be a pinup this summer!

Thank you all lovelies for reading my blog! And thanks for all your inspiring comments! Don't be shy, be a follower! :) I hope I can inspire you too!

Here's some inspiration if you're, like me, in the mood to channel the classic pinup.

Be a Pinup This Summer!

Click on the picture for details!

And THIS is how a pool party is supposed to be! And remember girls! Don't be "flippy". Go for a pretty dress instead.

And the most iconic pinup ever!


  1. Elvis och Marilyn! vilka klassiker!
    vilka härliga klipp

  2. Ja, visst är de. Känns som att man kan se de hur många gånger som helst. :) Jag blir så inspirerad av sånt här!