Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lady of the Manor

Oh, to have your own English estate to escape to once in a while. This is Gela Nash-Taylor's little "cottage". These pictures were published in American Vogue's September issue 2009. Nash-Taylor is a co-creative director and co-founder of Juicy Couture. I find so much inspiration in these pictures, even though it is very over the top. Or maybe that is why! And yes, the beautiful woman in the jacket and skirt is Yasmin Le Bon. For the story and all the pictures go to Vogue's homepage

Why, of course that is a REAL peacock in the tree! Don't you have one in your garden? ;)


  1. Älskar älskar älskar bilderna!!! Helt min smak....önskar bara....att det var mitt hus och min trädgård!! :)

    Kul att du skrev ett par ord. Den här bloggvärlden är så skoj, rätt vad det är stöter man ihop med en person som man har massor gemensamt med. KUL KUL!!

    På återhörande!

  2. WOW,i want to marry a british lord

  3. Thank you all for your comments! Both in Swedish and English! It is so sweet of you! Maria: Jag kommer att titta in på din blogg då och då! :) Vi höres!