Friday, February 19, 2010

Vintage shopping! And all that jazz!

I went thrift store shopping yesterday with my sister in law. Here's what I brought home!


A blue fuzzy Kangol hat.

A little bit of flowers while I'm waiting for spring. Observe that these are FASHION earrings... I loove flowers and the colour of these earrings is fab!

And the best find! I looove these! They remind me of jazz shoes or a ballet version of oxfords. Also they make me think of Chanel's colour contrast ballerinas.
  Even though I like the shoes I found, I would also like to have some more "manly" shoes like brogues or oxfords. There was a great pair in light blue suede from Ten Points at the thrift store, but no matter how hard I tried to press them on to my feet, they obviously weren't my size......Or maybe I like them best with a feminine twist.... Like these glittery Fred Astaire's from Christian Louboutin, for 395 euros at 

All that jazz!

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