Monday, February 1, 2010

Grammy Awards going Gaga!!!

Wow, Lady Gaga is REALLY becoming a lady to talk about. I confess, in the beginning I thought that she was just generally strange and trying to be artistic. But if you don´t see her grandness by know,
well then YOU might be a bit strange....

She was by far most stylish on the Grammys red carpet wearing Armani Privé. You just have to admire a woman who can wear a whole silvery universe around her, balancing on an area smaller than a dollar bill and looking totally effortless and glam. The Philip Treacy hat she donned later, she wears it in the same fearless way his biggest fan Isabella Blow always did. And to hold a old fashioned tea cup in her hand while watching the awards, that is a way more stylish way to exhibit one's drinking habits than Kanye West's bottle of Hennessy...

If style ruled the world, the Lady would be a queen!



  1. Gaga is literally my favorite thing of 2009. she's always so visually stimulating and entertaining. I can't get enough!