Thursday, February 11, 2010

More Disney Couture!

Disney couture, a grown-up way to show your childish love for all things Disney. They hired Kidada Jones to design for them, a smart move. In 2005 she designed jewellry inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Jones friends Nicole Richie and Lindsey Lohan were spotted wearing pieces from the collection, that probably helped sales. But really, I think the pieces sell themselves.

The wrap bracelets are bestsellers and now come in a lot of different themes. I really like the look, and fairy tales are SO in this year. Why were they ever out?!

They ARE called Couture for a reason though and as a fashionista on a budget,
I cannot always get what I want.


But I could get this. This Tinkerbell themed knock-off cost me 35 sek, around $ 5 at swedish KappAhl. Compare to around 1500 sek, just over $ 200 for the real thing.

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