Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare?

When I got married I got a lovely vintage slip/nightie from one of my best friends. It was accompanied by a sweet note. I have always cherished this "gown" but it has been hanging hidden away in my wardrobe. I just thought it was too beautiful to wear to bed or being hidden under another dress but I never figured out a good way to show it off. So what do you think about this? Could it pass for a dress or do I look like I just forgot to dress?

I tried wearing it over a slip that belongs to a dress I have and dress it up a bit with a necklace and some heels. The cardigan keeps it from looking too bare and "lingerie" like.

Vintage slip/nightie, slip belonging to an old dress I have, cardigan United Colors of Benetton, shoes Donna Girl and necklace some silver charms and a chain from my childhood.


  1. I think it can pass as a dress, I am not quite sure because I can't figure out what fabric it is. As long as you are comfortable wearing it should be a great outfit.
    I hope your weekend is lovely too.

  2. I think it is very pretty as a dress! I'm not sure about the lace detailing on the bra part, though... but I think if you cover up with the cardigan it would work.

  3. i think i would pair it with a leather moto jacket.. which is still on my list of things to buy! although it does look nice with the cardi!

  4. Don't forget to bring it with you when you move to America, you should start a Vintage store here!

  5. I reckon it can totally pass as a dress. And the cardi looks really nice. :)

  6. heyy your cardigan is sooo cute!!
    thanks for your comment
    check out my latest post:)


  7. I never would've thought that it was actually a vintage nightie..a definite pass in my book :)

    eclectic du jour

  8. Lovely outfit!
    I adore your dress<3