Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sky High

I bought new shoes.

That is kind of a magical phrase to me. New shoes makes me happy. Shoes are great, they don't highlight my love handles. They don't have skimpy shoulder straps that won't cover my bra. (And I need a bra after two children.) They will still fit me even if I gained a few pounds. They can make you taller. Help your posture. And they can change an outfit (and your attitude) completely!

I've had my eye on these shoes from Monki for a while. Today they were 75 % off! So now they live in my closet. Wiiihooo!


  1. These shoes are cute! That's wonderful that you also got them on sale. 75% off is a great deal!

    I love shoes, as well. I need more sandals... unfortunately it's hard to find stuff for my ridiculously midget feet.

  2. So lucky, what a great deal. These shoes are very cool, loving the polish.

  3. good for you! what a great deal..i love those kind of deals!

  4. I totally agree with your love for shoes. And it sounds like you got them for a great deal, too. They look super cool. :)

  5. Guud vad snygga de var! Ser fram emot att få se dem irl;)

  6. killer shoes..and the fact that it's wedges makes it even more perfect :)

    eclectic du jour

  7. wowww!! your shoes is absolutly gorgeous!!! :))
    check out my latest post
    thanks for your comment


  8. Åååååååh vilka helt OTROLIGT tjusiga!