Sunday, July 25, 2010

Some Mouthwatering Pictures Before I Leave!

I am currently living in crazy town. Packing for a family road trip. We will be away a week and a half but I feel like I'm packing enough for a year on the road. Plus my one-year-old is constantly unpacking the things I just packed. We are leaving tomorrow and we will have the best time!!! We are going to my cousins wedding, museums, castles, visit family and friends and just enjoy each other's company!

There will be no blog posts while I'm away, but I will have some pretty pictures for you when I come home. And a lot of your lovely blog posts waiting for me!

Yesterday my husband and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary. My parents were babysitting and me and hubby stayed in making a three course meal and watching "Valentine's Day".

Entrée: Mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and basil in balsamico vinegar vinaigreitte.

Main course: grilled peppered filet mignon topped with fresh thyme, butter and garlic fried mushroom, oven fried potato wedges with bell pepper, egg plant and red onion, oven baked tomato and red wine sauce.

We forgot to take a picture of the dessert, we had panna cotta with mixed berry sauce. The food was great and we had a great time hanging out just the two of us. After we had watched the movie and stuffed our faces with fresh strawberries and chocolate we went up to a nearby mountain to watch the sunset. (It finally DOES set again! The time of midnight sun is over!)

I wish you all a great week!


  1. happy anniversary and have a great week! I'll miss your blog posts, too, but glad you can get away and have a lovely time with your family.

  2. happy anniversary, and have a great time!
    these pics are really mouthwatering;)


  4. happy anniversary! i wish you more and more love and joy!
    ejoy the trip too!

  5. Amazing sunset and yummy foods<3
    I wanna see beautiful sunset like it.


  6. happy anniversary :)
    amazing photos and the food look so yummy !