Sunday, July 4, 2010

Girls Night!!!!

I loooove girls night! I always have, but since I became a mom I appreciate it even more. This week me and two of my girlfriends had girls night, or actually it was more like half a day.  We had a great day with a Sex and the City theme. A few months ago we took this online test to see which character from we were most like. It was so spot on! My friends are Carrie and Samantha, of course! And I am Charlotte. Ha, ha! Makes sense....

So we decided to go together and watch Sex and the City 2 dressed up as the characters! That's exactly what we did, but before we went to a large thrift store and to some stores in town for some shopping, we went home to Camilla (aka Carrie) and got ready for the movies! After the film (which was a real treat! So much eye candy!) we went to a local sports bar (there isn't that much to choose from in our small town on a week night!) for some drinks and food!

I bought this fabulous seventies dress,

these beautiful suede shoes

and these cute clips!

We tried on some hats in town, I kind of regret I didn't get this one...

Camilla's apartement got a little messy as three girls where trying to get ready in half an hour...

...while eating. This is me in character as Charlotte!

Here we are, three chicks at the sports bar! From left me (aka Charlotte), Marica (aka Samantha) and Camilla (aka Carrie).

And there is my vintage clutch on the menu.

I loved the movie, talked a lot of girl talk, made some great shopping finds and ate some great food! Thanks girls for a wonderful time!

"Charlotte" ready to go!
Pearl necklace H&M, dress clothes swap, cardigan Lindex, umbrella thrifted and shoes my wedding shoes!

I hope you all had a great weekend!!!


  1. I always knew you were pretty, but with your hair down and without your glasses, you are gorgeous. It sounds like a great day spent with your friends and the dress you bought has a lovely print.
    P.S You look fabulous in the black dress

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  3. Love the photos !! Your very pretty !!
    That '70's dress is so amazing.
    Girls nights out are the best...

    care to follow me back ?

    alice h

  4. Hey ! :)
    Je ne savais pas que tu étais si belle ! ! :)
    Et j'adore ta robe 70's, elle est juste génial ! ! :)

  5. aww, happy for your girls' night out! And I love your profile description and blog title! xo

  6. Love both your outfits . The 70's Maxi and the Charlotte but, I too am regretting you not purchasing that faulous HAT!
    Girl, that was beautiful, you must go back and scoop that up!

  7. Time out with the girls is always a good time! I'm glad you had a blast! I have yet to see SATC2 but I hope to do so soon. :)

    ♥ Teresa ♥

  8. Är det vatten i ena glaset? Vem är gravid? :P

  9. Hmmm. Anonymous, ja det var då inte mitt vatten. Kan du namnge dig själv tack innan du börjar ställa så intima frågor? ;)