Monday, August 16, 2010

Another day, another castle!

I have been lost in cyberspace for a while due to a lightning strike to our modem. We are very vulnerable to lightning strikes in the rural valley where we live. And this summer has seen some of the worse thunderstorms in years. We've been able to use the internet but it has been painfully slow and updating my blog was waaaay to time consuming.

Anyway, thunderstorms aside, I had another castle I wanted to show you! You MAY have noticed I have a huge weakness for castles, mansions and anything historical. THIS is my favorite castle and we visited it again during our vacation.

I present to you, Läckö Castle. A true fairy tale castle.

This castle boasts it's own chapel.

Bye, bye vacation! Now it's back to reality.


  1. Sorry to hear about the lightning strike! Once my sister left her laptop plugged in during a thunderstorm, and it got fried. Couldn't be fixed at all...

    I love these pictures. I've never been to a castle. Someday!

  2. Hit by lightening?! YIKES!
    LOVE the castle :)

  3. Welcome back and good thing those thunderstorms are gone now. Castles are so fascinating to me. I try to imagine how people lived there centuries ago. I think about events held there, ceremonies and why not? Wars. A castle is a place where fantasy and reality collide.

  4. welcome back dear, can't believe that your modem was hit by a lightening...damn!
    love castles, we have a couple of beautiful ones here too!

  5. i love all your images from this trip... wonderful places to visit... have a nice weekend!

  6. I have never seen a castle in my life. Läckö Castle is unique and it was really form the old times. Nice sharing your story about your trip. And those were fine pictures.